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Painless and injection seem almost like a contradiction in terms. Several patients have a needle phobia and hardly anybody likes injections. Dental injections are particularly of concern to many patients as the mouth is a very sensitive area of the body, well supplied by nerves. Hardly anybody enjoys the overwhelming numbness that results from dental injections either. And for years, these have always been things that patients have faced up to. Until the WAND came along!

The WAND is a revolutionary device that uses dynamic pressure sensing technology and unique sensors to produce a painless injection experience. The technique also eliminates unnecessary collateral numbness of the tongue, lips and facial muscles. This means that you don’t have to go out from your dental appointment with your face half numb.

The WAND also uses sterile single-use disposable hand pieces that minimize the risk of cross contamination. Ask us for the WAND when you come in. We reserve it for our most phobic patients. Please be aware that the technique has limitations though and cannot be used for every dental procedure !

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