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Having worked with cosmetic dentistry makeovers for several years, we have now formulated a time tested protocol that works. We usually begin a makeover by a very comprehensive photographic assessment using state of the art digital photography. This helps us understand what your expectations are and we then make an assessment to understand what is realistically possible. Based on models made from your moulds and a diagnostic wax replica of what we intend to achieve in your mouth, we are then usually able to present you with a mock up of the final envisioned result. Once you approve this mockup in your mouth, we then go ahead and commence dental work to achieve the same result in strong materials that last. Makeovers are always exciting for us-they change lives, we make new friends and the world becomes a better place for both of us.

Whats new? We are so very excited to be one of very few dental centres in New Zealand to offer Digital Smile Design using software developed by world leading dentists and dental technicians. Our Cerec software connects with this fantastic product and brings to us, the ability to design smiles in a virtual environment. For a preview of what the Cerec Primescan itself is capable of, have a look at the video alongside. But to really experience what we can do for you, come in for a consultation. We would love to change your smile for the better.

And whats more, you can often walk out with a new smile in one appointment given our ability to produce composite or porcelain veneers and crowns in practice using our Cerec Primescan and our sophisticated milling machines. While this is admittedly not possible for every patient, it certainly is possible for many patients. Talk to us to find out if this is specifically possible for you.

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