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Metal braces

metal braces

Clear braces

Clear braces

Clear Aligners


Amber Dental provides a variety of options for orthodontic treatment. Choose from traditional metal braces, aesthetic clear braces or near invisible clear aligners. During your consultation process, you will be briefed about various options that are available to you for your individual situation. Our consultation process includes comprehensive orthodontic records, complimentary digital analysis and a tailor made treatment plan complete with treatment options and costs. In many instances, we are able to provide payment plans for orthodontics to make treatment more affordable.

Our orthodontic services regularly incorporate digital scans that eliminate the need for moulds in many instances as well as radiology services including 3D X-rays and software that enable digital analysis for treatment planning. Our digital mould scans are reproducible in physical form by 3D printing and are used to fabricate orthodontic appliances of various kinds including clear aligners. It is often possible to generate digital treatment outcome objectives as well that can show you how your teeth could potentially be positioned after treatment.

Amber Dental’s dentists are general dentists who provide orthodontic services and are not specialist orthodontists, even though they may have pursued extensive continuing education in orthodontics. Please be aware that you have the option of consulting a specialist orthodontist in the first instance. If on the basis of our treatment assessment, we should regard your treatment as being outside of our scope or ability, we may also refer you to a specialist orthodontist for assessment. All your treatment records including any X-rays, models and photographs will be provided to you to facilitate such a referral. We do however believe that we are possibly able to provide an effective orthodontic service for many of our patients, who trust us with their oral care.

Digital scans instead of moulds

3D Radiology

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