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It starts right at the door when you are greeted personably and warmly. Feel free to ask for a coffee. Enter our consult rooms, sit back and relax. If you like, request an inseat massager to keep your back comfortable or seat heating for those cold winter days.

Your personal on-chair monitor screen shows digital x-rays and educative animations. Recline to look at the ceiling mounted television screen if you like or bring your own DVD movie or choose from one of ours or just watch the latest news. If you don’t feel like keeping your eyes open, sit back and listen to your own music or choose from an extensive selection of genres available on our on chair iPods.

Whether you watch the screen or listen to music, you can plug in high definition noise cancelling headphones designed by renowned American music producer Dr Dre. These awesome headphones almost completely cancel out the noise of any dental instruments. Ask for a blanket, ask for a neck pillow…sit back, make yourself comfortable and take home a truly positive dental experience.

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