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We offer multiple dental services and full spectrum family dentistry. We treat patients who are in their teething years (our youngest patient was 5 months old when we saw her) to nonagenarians. We see patients from all corners of the world who have made beautiful New Zealand their home. We are all about personalised care and attention and a relaxed professional environment. Our technology distinguishes us but we like to believe that our core focus of providing a positive dental experience is what makes us truly different. Here is a sampling of what we offer:

White Fillings

It is our practice policy to not offer amalgam restorations. We are not anti amalgam but we believe that there are many alternatives to amalgam, especially when several patients have their doubts about the material and dislike its aesthetics in an increasingly appearance conscious world. Most of our restorations are made of composite resin or porcelain, but we also use gold very often. Ultimately we provide you with all your options and allow you to make an informed decision. Composite restorations can look very life like and we now machine them using computer aided design and manufacturing with CEREC.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is almost always the result of a neglected cavity. Occasionally, unanticipated cavities can progress very quickly between dental examinations to result in a root canal treatment. It is often the only solution that will work to save a tooth. A difficult procedure to illustrate with photographs, the video alongside provides a graphical animation that better illustrates the procedure. We use state of the art dental microscopy for difficult root canal treatment in addition to rotary root canal instruments, apex locators, digital radiograph and continuous wave root canal fillings. All of these aid us in providing high quality root canal treatment.


We provide full spectrum denture services including flexible dentures, cast metal dentures, conventional acrylic full dentures and injection moulded BPS dentures. We work with a New Zealand based and trained dental technician who has invested in state of the art denture fabrication technology. So whether it is some teeth that you are looking to replace or a whole arch of missing teeth or a full mouth with no teeth at all, we have a solution for you. We also provide implant assisted dentures that vastly enhance quality of life.

Crowns & Bridges

We fabricate crowns to restore badly broken down or worn down teeth OR bridges to replace missing teeth, with a variety of materials. Using porcelain, gold, zirconia or gold covered with porcelain we create life like restorations with our new Zealand based technician or our in practice computer aided design technology called CEREC. All materials are sourced only in New Zealand from authorised distributors and our technician certifies materials used. We do not work with any overseas technicians or dental laboratories in order to source reliable high quality results for our patients.

Oral Surgical Services

We provide minor oral surgery services for removal of wisdom teeth or broken roots as well as surgical treatment of a variety of dental problems. Wisdom teeth impactions are very common and often involve the erupting wisdom tooth getting stuck against the molar in front of it. Abscesses or severe inflammation are frequently observed as well. We also work in collaboration with oral surgeons that we refer to regularly for minor or major oral surgical services that are beyond the scope of general dental practice. Our surgical services are often offered in conjunction with IV sedation.

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