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In 2012, we made an investment in a dental microscope. Our reasons were simple. We realised that we could be even better dentists if we could see more. Our microscope enables us to see what we are doing at upto 20x magnification and it provides high powered xenon illumination. It also helps us to photograph what we see at that magnification and this enables us to educate our patients. This helps us do better dentistry and perform several dental procedures that benefit from magnification, to a greater degree of accuracy. We use our microscope for all kinds of procedures including some root canal treatments, intricate soft tissue surgical procedures, some restorative work and comprehensive examinations.

Dr Nitish and Dr Sujatha trained with the Newport Coast Oral Facial Institute in California in the United States to incorporate dental microscopes into their practice. Dr Sujatha has also trained with the world famous Dental Education Laboratories in the United States to use the microscope for root canal treatment techniques.

We continue to further our education in this exciting field and offer a level of care to our patients that the microscope makes possible.

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