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We make dentures in multiple ways but use a primarily digital workflow. We either injection mould your dentures or 3D print them with our state-of-the-art Asiga Max UV 3D printer or we mill them using CAD CAM technology.

Injection moulded dentures that are made in our practice are called BPS® dentures. BPS® or Biofunctional Prosthetic System dentures  are ‘Top of the Line’ precision dentures that provide optimum function while eating, speaking or laughing. They feature the best teeth and acrylics available.

By far the best part of BPS® Dentures are the use of an injection moulding processing system. This unique system uses continuous heat and injection moulding to produce dentures that are comfortable and functional. The acrylic is injected under pressure and during the curing process which produces a denture without shrinkage and warping which can occur under regular processing.

The BPS® dentures have natural like teeth that recreate the character of your smile. They are made of multiple layers of double cross linked acrylic reins that contribute to their life like appearance and well known resistance to wear.

A special articulator is also used to strategically position the teeth.

BPS® Dentures are made to restore the natural look of your lips and support of your facial muscles. These Dentures are extremely life-like, comfortable, functional and durable.

Normally BPS® Dentures require 5 – 7 Appointments, these include the following:
Consultation and Examination
Preliminary Impressions utilizing the Accu-Dent system
Final impressions
Face Bow transfer utilizing a Universal Transfer system
Bite registrations using an intraoral tracing device
Wax Try in Set up utilizing Ivoclar teeth in an articulator
Injection moulded processing and then finally Insertion

We also fabricate 3D printed dentures primarily as a means of reducing cost for patients who have immediate dentures. These are dentures that are provided immediately after extractions are completed. These dentures typically need to be relined or redone using either injection moulding or milling.

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