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Dental Implants

Dental implants help us to replace teeth. We offer full spectrum implant services including surgery and restoration

Digital Implant Plans

Computerised dental implant surgery planning that helps us to take away scalpel incisions, sutures and bleeding

Painless Anesthesia

Computerised dental anesthesia that is almost painless and focused so you don’t have to walk out with your jaw half numb

Digital Xrays

Digital xray systems that help us take images of just teeth or your whole jaw and reduce radiation significantly

CAD CAM Dentistry

CEREC CAD CAM enables us to make crowns and other restorations in one appointment. No more moulds, no more waiting

Microscope Dentistry

High magnification illuminated dentistry that enables us to bring fine detail to our work and enhances what we do

Moulded Dentures

BPS dentures using state of the art european technology to provide better fit and stronger dentures

Clear correct

ClearCorrect aligners

ClearCorrect aligners made with digital moulds in the USA help us  orthodontically  enhance smiles

Cosmetic Makeovers

Custom planned cosmetic makeovers featuring veneers, crowns, white fillings, bleaching and digital planning.

Laser Dentistry

Hard and soft tissue lasers enable us to eliminate the dental drill on many occasions and treat a variety of problems

Sedation Dentistry

State of the art intravenous sedation with an attending anesthetist and advanced session monitoring technology

Traditional and Clear Braces

Orthodontics for everybody with traditional metal and clear braces as options to choose from

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