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Colgate Dry Mouth Relief Fluoride Mouthwash


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Colgate Dry Mouth Relief Fluoride Mouthwash is formulated to provide fluoride protection to help prevent caries, and a tri-polymer system that coats the soft tissue in the mouth. Its Tri-Polymer System consists of the polymers xanthan gum, cellulose gum, and carbomer. Together they form a film coating the mucosal surfaces that holds in moisture to provide relief to a dry mouth.

Product Characteristics

Contains 0.02% Sodium Fluoride
Soothing Relief
Alcohol-Free Formula
SLS-Free Formula
Great Taste, Mild Flavour
Product Benefits

Moisture-Lock Technology
Long-lasting dry mouth relief.
Alcohol free.Moisturizing Mint™ flavor
Helps to reduce the increased caries risk of dry mouth sufferers
To provide dry mouth sufferers with the soothing relief they desire
Various factors can cause dry mouth, including medications, diseases such as diabetes and Sjögren’s syndrome, and cancer treatment.


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